Polished countertop Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important rooms of your home, and require some serious design creativity. Both rooms are associated with comfort, and should have a clean, fresh look. While both rooms tend to rely on appliances that take up most of the room, they can each take advantage of unique features that you're unlikely to find in a bedroom or living room.

Take countertops, for instance. Beautiful countertops can make even a dull kitchen or bathroom look tremendously stylish and wholly unique. But choosing countertops isn't just about saying, "Should I choose marble or granite?" There are many other custom countertops options to choose from, and many style options, like selecting a unique granite countertops color. There are also many types of finishes, each of which changes the look of a surface.

While you should also consider factors like who you choose to craft your countertops and the overall countertops installation cost in Atlanta, selecting a great countertops finish can influence the look of your kitchen or bathrooms. Therefore, you should give it some serious consideration.

Unfortunately, many people don't know the ins and outs of finishes. Here is your guide to making a choice you'll be happy with.


Polished finish on natural stone surfaces like marble looks shiny and smooth. It exemplifies the colorful features of the stone itself, and also provides a solid layer of protection between stone and anything you place on your countertops. Buff and polish the finish to keep surfaces like granite looking beautiful and perfectly maintained for a long time.

Shiny counter top


Honed finish is all about the touch. Soft and silky on the hands, many people like to select a honed finish when they install bathroom countertops because of its luxurious feel. It has a matte look, which is less reflective but also looks completely natural. While it doesn't bring out the color of the stone as well as polished finish, honed finish is modern and makes even man-made surfaces like quartz look fresh from the quarry. They'll need to be resealed fairly often.


Despite its name, leathered finish doesn't actually make a surface look like leather, nor does it intend to. It involves brushing a honed surface to give it a textured, raw, rough look. If you add shine to a leathered, distressed surface, you'll get what's known as a caressed finish. Today's homes are more about textured material than fussy, crowded decor and wall hangings, so giving your bathroom or kitchen countertops a leathered look will make them highly contemporary. No need to clutter them with vases and other objects; they'll speak for themselves. While this finish makes your countertops easy to maintain, you'll need to clean surfaces often to protect their naturally coloring and texture.


Flamed finish is unique and makes any surface into a conversation piece. Flamed surfaces are exposed to intense heat, which causes particles in natural stone to change and evolve, bringing out surprising colors and textures. The rough, naturally faded look is great for modernizing traditional homes. It's a great choice to protect outdoor surfaces, but not typically used to install bathroom countertops.

Keep in mind that the countertops installation cost in Atlanta will change depending on which finish you use, each one will bring out a distinct character from stone surfaces. Talk to a countertops expert like Atlantis Granite & Marble for more advice, and to customize a surface for your home.