Timeless bathroom countertops add visual interest and value to your home, and there are plenty of designs to suit everyone’s style and budget. To install bathroom countertops in Marietta or elsewhere, first decide if you’re going to opt for a DIY or hire a contractor to do the job. Then, select a durable material that is suitable for your bathroom remodeling project. If you have an idea of what you want to install, you can have the project price quoted easily. Here are points to consider for measuring your countertop accurately.

Decide on a Particular Design

Having a plan in mind even before the project starts will keep you pushing in the right direction. Whether you are upcycling or if you are purchasing a new countertop, your decision will affect your measurements. Once you’ve picked a design from a multitude of quality countertops in Marietta, assess your skills, and it may be necessary to get a professional contractor to help you plan.

Draw Your Design

Imagine and sketch out your vanity counter. Be flexible, allowing for new changes, ideas, and countertop alterations, since you may want to add a set of cabinets that were not there before or allocate space for an extra sink.

Prepare Your Tools and Measure

A measuring tape, leveler, marker, and paper will help you determine the dimensions to jot on your design sketch. Measure the center and don’t forget to provide an allowance for the sink(s) to be installed. Measure the perimeter of the counter from the back up to the sides, and make sure to consider the new dimensions if you’re installing a longer, narrower, or wider countertop. Also, consider the plumbing, backsplash, and other fixtures that you plan to attach below the counter.

Estimate the Cost

After establishing the materials and dimensions, know the countertops installation cost in Marietta. Look around to compare prices for your chosen countertop material and assess if you are satisfied with your decision. Additionally, you must know that this estimate may be a lot lower than the actual price for labor costs of executing your design. Some contractors may be able to tell you the exact cost for the project, including labor costs, but make sure to stay within your budget for an overall satisfying remodeling experience.

Measuring and installing quality countertops in Marietta is easy with the help of a professional. You can also measure on your own, provided that you have the necessary skills and tools for measuring and carrying out design plans.