By some accounts, the kitchen in most houses is filled with more bacteria than the bathroom is. It makes sense if you think about how much more often the bathroom is cleaned and what chemicals are used. If you’re concerned about the cleanliness of your kitchen, there’s some good news. Keeping your kitchen countertops cleaned is relatively easy, especially if they’re made of sealed granite because it is relatively impervious to bacteria.

All it takes in most cases is a bit of vigilance and some mild dish soap. If there’s a spill, don’t let it sit there. Clean it up immediately. This will limit staining possibilities as well as limit the possibility of bacteria finding a place to grab hold and multiply. Of course, you will always want to follow the installer’s or manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to cleaning your countertop. Many natural countertop materials and sealants don’t do well when exposed to harsh chemicals.

At Atlantis Granite & Marble, LLC, we have over 40 years of experience working with marble and granite. We can help you get one of the best countertops installed and ready to use for a reasonable price. Because granite is relatively repellant to bacteria, you will be installing a material that not only looks beautiful, but also has the added benefit of remaining bacteria free. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve your kitchen and increase your home’s value with the use of granite or other stone countertops.