Every business has to promote their products and services to attract customers. The granite and marble industry is no different. Unfortunately, many industry-wide advertising practices aren’t as good as they seem at first glance. Between mediocre discounts and unbelievably good deals, the customer is usually the only one who doesn’t benefit. That’s why it’s better to focus on quality instead of chasing the best price.

Mediocre Discounts

Advertising and marketing practices are designed to draw customers in. Unfortunately, many industries use advertisements that actually provide only mediocre discounts to trick you into buying from them. For example, there may be buy-one, get-one-free offer at your grocery store for pasta or cereal if you buy a medium-size box. However, when you do your research, you notice that the bigger box actually offers the better deal.

Naturally, the goal is to get you in the door and then talk you into buying something significantly more expensive. Most of these offers aren’t really the best available deal you can get. What’s worse is that the offer usually isn’t what you think it is, especially when you read the fine print that goes along with every deal.

Unbelievable Deals

Other marketing practices are centered on offering unbelievably low prices. But these deals are usually very specific and often limited in quantity. For example, you may find an amazing offer for a new TV. However, that offer only applies to one specific size that is smaller than most standard TVs. Additionally, the store only has two of them in stock. If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Granite samples

Unfortunately, you’ll see these kinds of offers in the granite and marble industry all the time. They may advertise their products for a very low price per square foot. When you’re redoing all your counters in the kitchen and bathroom, these reduced prices can make a big difference to your remodeling costs. Unfortunately, the low cost per square foot only applies to the lowest grade they have available.

Go for Quality

If you’re looking for granite kitchen countertops in Atlanta, you probably don’t want to chase the best offer. While you don’t have to spend a fortune on your countertops, the great deals you hear about aren’t as great as you think. In most cases, there are strings attached that make the offer less attractive than it seems to be at first glance. Reputable sellers often rely on word of mouth and advertising their quality products. If you want countertops built to last, quality is the most important thing you’re looking for.